The world is a prodigious and exceptionally profuse place housing so many diverse human races. We here have so many people who can showcase amazing knack & extraordinary powers within themselves which they can highlight to the world if they get a veritable platform. We sincerely believe that that everybody has at least one quirky quality or a skill which makes them different from rest of the world but it needs to be identified.

World Records Foundation is a forum that encourages people to showcase their unique talent and rouse the world to go one step further by creating records on social causes so that it ultimately leads us towards a better world. The goal is simple – each one, help one!

We staunchly believe that people need to change the fundamental approach towards nature on an urgent basis. With key purposes of reaching out to the indigent communities, women empowerment and protecting our Mother Earth, we have formed ‘World Records Foundation’ (WRF). We have designed our own set of certain values which underpins all the aspects of our work environment, strategy, daily work as well as decision-making. With core values of quality, reliability and trust guided by best international practices, WRF creates partnerships with citizen groups, the media, educational institutions, government agencies, international agencies and concerned individuals – all of whom are key agents of change.

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